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For those who know their course. For those who create the life they want. Who work and live to the fullest. Who are aware of their values, their successes and fails. Whose life reflects who they are. Just like their housing. For you who know you can afford to live along with your visions. For you Vinohrady is the right place to be.

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To be the best version of yourself takes great amounts of energy. What you need is regeneration. Being able to escape to areas where you can rest. Dare to desire an apartment which is going to be an epicentre of your personal power. Bright common rooms dominate then the whole housing. They are an incubator of your new ideas. The newly renovated Art Nouveau house combines history with a modern design. A style that all your visitors will appreciate.

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Parks, cafes, restaurants, a pulsing atmosphere of interpersonal relationships that goes hand in hand with a life in a metropolis. And yet peace and quiet. At your own terrace or balcony with a view to a green yard, veiled in a soft sunlight with a good book and coffee. Or in a privacy of your living room, elated above rooftops and everyday duties, with a vintage wine and your loved one.

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You know very well that actions mean more than words. Your are a creator of your own reality, why not to be an author of your future housing? Choose from two types of designed interiors the one that resonates with you. Have you got your own themes and ideas? The final appearance of an apartment or a penthouse is always up to you. A reconstruction of the house has already started and will finish in 2020. Tell us your vision and your housing will embody your wishes to the very last detail.



We are architects. There are two of us. We have skilled people around us. We do interiors. We do them good. Looooxury. We do them for us. We've been doing interior design for 15 years and we love to experiment. We took upon challanges like rough industrial design, cream of Vinohrady or the two of the combined.

„Prague is the prettiest gem in the stone crown of the world.“

Johann Wolfgang Goethe


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