Flats and penthouses


Project will be finished in Q3 2020.
idTypeFloorLayoutBalcony / terraceSizePriceAvailabilityDetailInquire
011Commercial space1.PP2+1105.7 m2 Sold
012Flat1.PP1+kk29.4 m236.6 m2 Sold
013Flat1.PP2+kk24.3 m248.7 m2 Sold
101Flat1.NP2+kk2.1 m262.3 m2 Sold
102Flat1.NP2+kk82.3 m2 Sold
103Commercial space1.NP2+1231.1 m2 Sold
105Flat1.NP2+kk2.4 m261.1 m2 Reservation
201Flat2.NP2+kk2.1 m264.3 m2 Sold
202Flat2.NP2+kk79.8 m2 Sold
203Flat2.NP2+kk99.4 m2 Sold
204Flat2.NP2+kk70.8 m2 Sold
205Flat2.NP2+kk2.4 m262.3 m2 Sold
301Flat3.NP2+kk2.1 m263.5 m2 Sold
302Flat3.NP2+kk80.9 m2 Sold
303Flat3.NP3+kk133.8 m2 Sold
304Flat3.NP3+kk2.4 m2102.1 m2 Sold
401Flat4.NP2+kk2.1 m263.7 m2 Sold
402Flat4.NP2+kk81.1 m2 Sold
403Flat4.NP3+kk134.3 m2 Sold
404Flat4.NP3+kk2.4 m2103.4 m2 Sold
501Flat5.NP2+kk2.1 m264.5 m2 Sold
502Flat5.NP2+kk79.8 m2 Sold
503Flat5.NP2+kk100.7 m2 Sold
504Flat5.NP2+kk71.7 m2 Sold
505Flat5.NP2+kk2.4 m261.7 m2 Sold
601Flat6.NP2+kk2.1 m264.5 m2 Sold
602Flat6.NP2+kk79.8 m2 Sold
603Flat6.NP2+kk100.9 m2 Sold
604Flat6.NP2+kk72.2 m2 Sold
605Flat6.NP2+kk2.4 m262 m2 Sold
701Penthouse7.NP3+kk115.2 m2 Sold
702Penthouse7.NP3+kk141.3 m2 Sold
703Penthouse7.NP2+kk82.4 m2 Sold
801Penthouse8.NP4+kk11.2 m2147.9 m2 Sold
802Penthouse8.NP4+kk12.9 m2156.1 m2 Sold